An dynamic blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education
and our own homeschooling experience since 2000.

1. Give Children A Broad, Rich And Varied Education

- A Charlotte Mason philosophy

Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy has had a marked influence on the design of our curriculum, especially in the foundational and intermediate levels (primary school).

“The mind feeds on ideas and therefore
children should have a generous curriculum.”

– Charlotte Mason

She advocated a generous curriculum with many subjects and many books thereby allowing the child to make associations between a variety of topics.
CM advocated we, "Expose children to a broad, rich and varied curriculum in order to give them many hooks on which to hang hats of knowledge”.

For this reason, Love2Learn offers a host of additional subjects and enrichment that extends way past the confines of mainstream schooling; e.g. Critical Thinking, STEM, Computing, Latin etc. (You will find more information under How To Choose Your Subjects. (link)

2. Expose Children To "Living" Books

- A Charlotte Mason philosophy

We believe there is nothing more effective at dampening a love of learning, than using dry, dull and lifeless, black and white textbooks!

A "living" book is devoid of dumbed-down twaddle! Quite simply put, it is a book that makes a child WANT to turn the page - a book that captures the imagination - and captivates and escalates a child to new planes and levels of thinking!

At Love2Learn, we strongly advocate the use of "living" books; and the elimination - wherever possible - of dull, lifeless textbooks and endless worksheets.

“One more thing is of vital importance; children must have books, living books; the best are not too good for them; anything less than the best is not good enough; and if it is needful to exercise economy, let go everything that belongs to soft and luxurious living before letting go the duty of supplying the books, and the frequent changes of books, which are necessary for the constant stimulation of the child's intellectual life.”
― Charlotte Mason

3. Develop In Children A Life-Long Love Of Learning

A Charlotte Mason philosophy

With Love2Learn’s subject offering, not only will you be able to maintain a high academic standard, but you will be able to offer a far broader, richer and varied education than your child is likely to ever receive at a conventional school.

A home-grown education that is relevant and meaningful, an education that inspires a life-long passion and love of learning!

4. Create Thinking Adults With A Strong Moral Base
    And Upright Character

-  A Classical Education philosophy

There has been a worldwide renaissance and renewed interest in classical methods of education.  A Classical Education is a process of training the mind, focusing on the incorporation of Latin, Greek, Mathematics, History, Geography and Classical Writing, Sciences, Music and Art. Critical thinking and the conscious and purposeful development of logic is its banner supported by an extraordinary foundation in language and expression. A classically trained student should have mastered the skill of speaking eloquently and writing in vigorous English.

The structure of Classical Education is loosely divided into three stages:

1. The Grammar Stage Grades 0 - 6
2. The Dialectic Stage Grades 7 - 9
3. The Rhetoric Stage Grades 10 - 12

Educating classically according to these three stages is known as the Trivium and develops a high degree of mental dexterity, well-honed reasoning ability and impressive language skills..

The most important employment skills—and the skills that many employers say are the hardest to find today—are basic thinking skills.
– With acknowledgement to Martin Cothran, “What is Classical Education”, Memoria Press.

As mentioned above, Love2Learn has borrowed elements from Classical Education, which has specific emphasis in the Senior Phase (Grade 7 onwards).

The political and vocational emphases of today’s education
teach students, not how to think and what to do,
but what to think and how to do.

Borrowing from a Classical Education approach,
we endeavour not to make this same mistake!

5. Equip Children With 21st Century Skills

- We have been doing this for years!

In education circles, the current buzz-word is "21st Century Skills" and a lot of attention is being given to trying to equip students to acquire these skills.
For close on a decade now, we have been offering resources as both “enrichment” as well as fully-fledged subjects, which address most - if not ALL of these so-called 21st Century Skills.

What are these so-called “21st Century Skills”?

Broadly speaking, they constitute the following:

Critical Thinking / Creativity / Cross-cultural Awareness and Understanding /  Collaboration / Computer literacy / Communication / Career- Self-direction

It is important to recognise, that 21st Century Skills don’t replace academic learning goals.

The challenge before us in educating our children, is to combine 21st Century skills with a rigorous curriculum, so that students will have a healthy balance of abilities and character to deploy into their world and spheres of influence.

For close on a decade now, Love2Learn has been offering resources as both “enrichment” as well as fully-fledged subjects, which address most - if not ALL of these so-called  21st Century Skills.

As a reminder: Love2Learn’s educational philosophy seeks to implement
a dynamic blend of educational principles borrowed from the
educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education;
and combine these with our extensive experience of
homeschooling our own children, dating back to 2000.
This dynamic three-in-one blend we call,
Love2Learn’s Educational "Tri-losophy”.